March 23, 2013

Actively Correcting

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As promised on our Instagram, after winning Roseanne Tang's Kiehl's "Be a BBetter Friend" Giveaway, I'm here to do a review on their newly released BB cream!

Now, they say the benefits of this particular product (which include ACTIVELY CORRECTING AND BEAUTIFYING one's skin tone, lightening of scars, and general improvement) will show after about 1-2 months usage.

As most of you know, I am no BB cream lover, but I will use this for the course as recommended and come back here with a conclusion as to whether this one really lives up to the hype!

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Background information:

photo credits to: Kiehl's Times

So here's some information about the BB Cream: it claims to work the way most BB creams do, which is to correct your skin over a period of time and provide natural but still sufficient coverage.

I would say that what makes this one different from the rest is it's high SPF protection, because 50 is really as high as you can get. Literally. If you want a better understanding of SPF ratings, you can read here, but it basically mentions how certain sunblocks with PAs showing exorbitant numbers (eg. 90-110+) have not necessarily been proven to be more effective. In fact, the US Food and Drug Association will soon require most sunblocks to be rated 50+ at most.

Also, there is that additional ingredient of Vitamin C, which is supposed to clarify and illuminate the skin. What most consumers will probably appreciate is how this product is Paraben Free. I cannot comment on it being totally Fragrance Free, however, because I do smell some hints of Chinese Herbal Medicine (?). Weird, I know. You won't smell it much once you use it though.


Well, in terms of portability, this packaging gets a standing ovation. It is very lightweight, and also very small in size. I would say it fits snugly in the palm of my hand, and I do have small hands. Super "yay" for taking out on the go.

It is opaque, which means the product inside will not react to sunlight as much as those would in glass bottles.

I do not know how big a con this is, but the opening CAN get dirty and messy unless you're the careful type. Nothing that a bit of cleaning cannot help though. Also, the cap is the kind which you snap open and close, and I'm not sure if it would ever come loose. I've only had mine for about a week but it seems sturdy enough so maybe this is nothing too worrisome.


There are three colors to this BB Cream, which should make a lot of people happy.

Fair is better suited for those with very light colored skin. If you find that you're fairer than the general public, this is most likely suitable for you. In NC color-wise, I think it is better suited for an NC 15-20.

I myself am using Light, which is an in-between Fair and Natural. I am an NC30, and consider myself half medium and half fair actually. If I could describe myself (weirdly), I look like someone who was once tanned but has now let herself go. Hmm.. does that make sense..?  Haha.

Natural is much better for tanned skin. The color is darker, about NC40 and above if I am right. If you are a darker-skinned Malay or Indian (no racial judgement intended here at all), this would be better suited for you. I do have Malay/Indian friends complaining that there is just no right BB Cream with the correct color tone for them, and I think this could definitely answer their prayers.

Texture wise, this is something very interesting altogether. Yes, it is a Blemish Balm, but it feels so watery - very close to the Clarins Sunblock actually! It blends in quite well, but I do think it works better with a patting motion rather than a spreading one.

If you've got a Beauty Blender or a good sponge, it would definitely aid in the application process! Nothing too difficult even if you use your hands: you can always go into the inner corners of your nose/eye area with your fingers, and finish off the entire look by lightly pressing the entire product into your face with your palms.

I think this BB Cream, as with most of them, does offer a rather dewy finish. If you are not a fan of that, or have oily skin, you can always top it off with a light layer of pressed powder or loose powder. I personally use the Guerlain Meteorites and find that there is enough oil control. I do not have to blot at all, and my skin looks reasonably matt through the day.

Overall Thoughts:

I think one has to be quite careful when discerning how much to apply. I sometimes apply a layer, and then find that it doesn't seem enough, and pile another one on - I usually live to reget this because then it looks too thick. Thus, I would not recommend layering.

That being said, when applied correctly in an adequate portion (I would say pea-sized, about 1cm in diameter) , my skin isn't as oily, my pores seem reduced, and my skin tone somehow doesn't appear as ruddy.

It kind of creates that "blurring effect" you would normally achieve on Photoshop. If I were to be specific I would say more of a Gaussian Blur at Radius 1.0.. LOL sorry, could not help designer tendencies here. ANYWAY..

I know what I've said about BB Creams and their icky stickiness turning me off, but this could definitely be a mind-changing product as far as I am concerned! Honestly! On days where I do not feel like using my Clarins, this might be my only other choice.

Here's how it looks in the sunlight and with indoor lighting:

The result is a rather natural beauty, but of course I have heard complaints from those with acne-prone skin and oily skin that this isn't quite for them. :(

The truth is that I have to concur - this isn't quite the product for covering ALL your flaws though it might correct them. Even my tiniest moles (refer above) could still be seen through the BB cream, and it's nothing red either. In my opinion, this is probably the best for skin which is either very good and requires some color correction, or average skin with some slightly enlarged pores.

As for staying power, I would say this lasts about 8 hours, which is about a full work day and probably no more than that. Ashley even mentioned how this one seemed to absorb into my skin quicker than my usual sunblock, and by the end of the day she could see my little sun spots *cries* peeking through.

One thing I have to admit I'm amazed at so far though, is how it really did help in the skin healing process! I had just popped this particular pimple (with my itchy fingers) and it turned red. I was so sad, so I smothered it a little bit with this BB cream, and I came home to find the spot completely colorless! The bump was reduced significantly as well! Pretty amazing aye?

Have you tried this yet? Be it sample or full bottle? Let us know what you think, we're always very willing to listen! We hope this review helped! xx

Overall Rating: KIV until final results are shown

Stockist: Any Kiehl's outlet in Singapore.

Have a wonderful Saturday!



  1. I love BB cream more than foundation. I finished the Laneige one which is good and plus it has SPF. Currently using For beloved one but this one no SPF so I need to apply the clarins sun screen.

  2. Hi Carrot!!! :)

    Yes long ago I used to use foundation but it did my skin no good so I decided to stop!

    I have heard Laneige BB one was good except it finishes too quickly right? I did try the For Beloved one but it was too sticky for my liking.. I am curious about the Clarins BB cream!

    I heard you could use the Clarins BB Cream and totally replace your sunscreen with it :)


  3. So what's your final verdict for this BB Cream? :) Are samples avail in stores?

  4. Hi Regina,

    it hasn't been a month yet for me to give something really conclusive, but you can check out my March Favorites to see how it has worked out for me two weeks in!

    Right now, I still really like it because it lightens my scars, but if you're looking for coverage this might not be it :(

    Hope that's helped!



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