April 25, 2013

Skincare Routine: My Pamper Evenings

Hi friends and blogger family,

today I thought I'd step aside from the usual reviews and write a post on my pamper evening. I'm sure all of us have had pamper evenings - days where we come home extremely stressed or tired and just want a break from the world.

I normally have mine about once a week, but if my skin is in rather terrible shape due to the stress, I may kick it up a notch to twice a week. It really depends. I have facials about once a month for regularity as well (you can read about them here).

In total, my pamper evening should last about 45-50 minutes - I do not normally steam my face beforehand because constant steaming can actually open your pores.

I do use all the products in the photo, but they're not arranged in order above. So what I'll do is list them step by step below. I won't be too in-depth because I did an everyday skincare post here which consists of most of these products already.

First of all, remember to tie your hair back! :) I normally bun my hair up and use a hairband to keep hair out of my face.

Remove all traces of makeup or whatever you might have on first! You could probably use a cleanser if you see fit. Make sure you start on a bare face! I know I look naked in the photo, but I'm wearing a towel, lol! I normally prefer to do my pamper evenings while wrapped in a towel, and you will understand why later.

yes I know my dark rings are horrendous... *cries*

Anyway... The first product I use is Dr Hauschka's Cleansing Clay Mask. This one begins by drawing out all the impurities in my skin to the surface.The texture is so lush honestly.

I always wondered if this is what the Cellilux mask would feel like (I've personally never tried but would love to!). Though it's in a powder form, when mixed with water it is the smoothest clay mask I've ever used. Glides onto my face evenly and easily and feels soft to the touch. It hardens up over about 15-20 minutes (hence my unsmiling face below) and you'll know its ready to wash off once it turns hard!

(please feel free to click and enlarge any of these photos for a closer look)

Once that's done, I move on to my next step - using Mario Badescu's Silver Powder (I will do a full and proper review for this next time!). This particular product is very curious; It apparently 'sucks' up all your excess oil and sticks like hell to your blackheads.

This means that, after I've brought 'my impurities up to the surface' with the Clay Mask, the Silver Powder will absorb them further by unclogging the pores that the gunk is stuck in for easier removal.

When used on the nose area, the Silver Powder even turns the blackheads white, like a huge signboard saying, "I'm here! Ready to be removed!" I seldom use a nose pore pack, but if you did use it following this step, you'd see that even your most stubborn blackheads are forced out!

On top of all that, the Silver Powder is very easy to use, all you have to do is dip a wet cotton pad inside to pick up the powder and then spread it onto the areas you want it on! For myself, I just place it on my t-zone down to my chin, where acne is most prone to appear.

I wait about 10 minutes for this to set (in the mean time, I'll hop into the shower for a quick bath on the days where I skip washing my hair - which is why I choose to wear a towel), and I'll know it's ready once the powder starts to crack and flake. To remove it, I spray my Dr Hauschka Facial Toner onto a cotton pad and wipe the powder off. Easy Peasy - Lemon Squeezy!

I then proceed to wash my face with Philosophy's Microdelivery Exfoliating Scrub. I won't talk much about it, because we have done a post on it here already and I also have no photos of the product. I normally scrub to get rid of the remnants of powder left and to get rid of extra clogged pores.

The scrub is gentle, but I also use a gentle touch to it at the same time since I do have sensitive skin. One thing that I have to add on to Ashley's post is: yes, I agree it can be used for sensitive skin, but do not use it every night. Once every other day to even just three times a week is enough. I do not think the skin should be aggravated as much since ours can be quite thin compared to Normal Skin.

After that, I break open a glass ampoule called Rhythmic Night Conditioner (Sensitive) from Dr Hauschka and pat it into my skin. This is considered an intensive treatment which is recommended for usage 3-4 times a year, split up equally. I use mine about 3 times a year, so I use it in April, August, then December for a whole month each time.

Since Dr Hauschka recommends no moisturizer at night, I use only this OR my toner as a finishing step to my nightly skincare regimen.

However, as this is a PAMPER EVENING *pops champagne* I get to use an extra mask after my ampoule! My favorite mask EVER (considering I have used tonssssss in my life), is Dr Hauschka's Rejuvenating Mask!

It really hydrates, brightens, and makes my skin GLOW! My skin gets smoother, more supple, and pores get smaller as well. Of course this isn't just a one night thing - when used regularly, you really notice your pores shrinking (not till they disappear this is impossible by the way haha). I have never regretted getting this mask, especially when such a little amount can make such a difference!

I just put a 50 cent amount in my palms, spread it out, and pat it all over my face till it sinks in. 20 minutes later,  I wash it off! Good to go!

Tada! My glowy face and kind of silly looking smile! I honestly tried about 10 takes before selecting this photo.. and have come to a conclusion that I'm not that photogenic haha. So I apologize in advance!

I'm done with my pamper evening! How about you? Do you guys have any pamper evenings? If so, what is yours like? Sharing is caring! :D

I hope you enjoyed this post, I'll create another when a few of my products have changed (and they will because I'm currently eyeing some stuff hehe)!

Enjoy your evening!



  1. I have my pamper evenings every Monday night. It usually ends up being with 2 different masks, a hot shower, and then relaxing by watching TV! :)

    xx Denysia Yu

    1. Hi Denysia!

      That sounds really wonderful.. Reading this whilst I'm at work makes me want to go home already! Haha! :)


  2. Great skin care routine. I also love facial masks weekly to get a deeper cleansing of the skin.

    1. Hi there,

      Yes weekly facial masks and exfoliation is definitely a necessity :)


  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Hi Mel!

      Why did you delete your comment? We really appreciate what you posted (as seen on email) and I will definitely use your suggestion, it does prevent a lot more wastage. :)


  4. I love facial masks weekly to get a deeper cleansing of the skin. Your suggestions are very useful for skin. I have different skin care routine but want to follow your skin care routine.

    Alison Clarke
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  6. Facial masks are best and i personally go for it for twice a week. There are number of readymade facial masks available in the market like your products that are easy and good to use.

  7. Amazing skin care routine. I even also love facial masks weekly to get a deeper cleansing of the skin.After removing my makeup i am using anti aging cream from Revitol from many years, it works great for my skin...

  8. Those products look really interesting, wish i had the time to take care of my skin like you do! =(

  9. It is never too late to get into a good routine; it is just a matter of knowing what to do and how to do it! Italian beauty tips


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